Hey, folks! We are a team of professionals engaged in the development of console esports in the Republic of Armenia and other CIS regions. The list of goals we are implementing, includes direct organization of console esports competitive tournaments and their broadcast to various streaming services, as well as advertising in the within these events. The main mission of our activity is to promote console esports. 
We suggest gaming solutions based on:
- Cyber Football
- Cyber Hockey
- Cyber Basketball
- Cyber Tennis
- And many others...
The format of esports tournaments is similar to the format of classical sports competitions, except that in esports, they pass much faster and in several stages. Prize pools may vary. 
Esports is a dynamic and fast growing industry. To consider all the nuances and stay in the course of progress, we need an uninterrupted practice, because our tournaments are noctidial and perennial. 
In addition, we provide consulting services. If you are interested in organizational nuances or are determined to host your own tournament, our specialists will readily answer all of your questions. 
For acquaintance with our tournament statistics for the past year, the terms of advertising and streaming broadcasts, you can contact us by mail: partner@esportliga.pro


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